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2021 Breeding Rams For Sale

For 2021 we have three great rams for sale. A mature, 2 year old registered ram from our flock sire (George Washington) and our best Ewe (both in terms of reproductive traits and wool quality), and two young cross rams which would make tremendous additions for a small farm flock.

Your welcome to come out and visit us to see our rams. 

Premier Registered Ram

IMG_E0170 (1).JPG

Millard Filmore (KY29) has a large frame, excellent wool quality, and he is ready to go to work! At two and a half years old - he will just be entering his prime this breeding season! 

Millard Filmore - $1,000

Born 11/12/18


Registered Ramboiullet


Excellent wool quality - 22.7 micron with a 99.7 comfort factor.

Best of Both Worlds


William Howard Taft (KY 59) is a Cormo / Rambouillet cross. We were target super fine wool quality, and we achieved it - in fact, he has better wool stats than most ewes. We expect he will be a smaller frame ram consistent with his Cormo genetics.

William Howard Taft  $500

Born 4/7/20


Cormo /  Rambouillet Cross

Excellent wool quality - 20 micron wool with a 99 comfort factor.

The Perfect Gentleman


Warren G. Harding (MM62) is probably one of the most docile rams we have ever seen. His great disposition and small frame is only matched by his excellent wool quality.

Warren G. Harding - $500

Born 4/17/2020


Rambouillet / Merino Cross

Premium wool quality - 20 micron wool with a 97 comfort factor.

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